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We’ll answer the phone with a real person – not a machine.

Report lost/stolen Debit or ATM card:   1-844-202-5333 (After Hours)                                              Report lost/stolen Credit Card:   1-866-552-8855                  

Main Office (During Business Hours)

744 State Route 28, Milford, Ohio 45150
(513) 965-8505 (Phone)
(513) 965-8515 (Fax)

Eastgate Office

948 Old State Route 74, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
(513) 947-8505 (Phone)
(513) 947-8635 (Fax)


E-mail us at
Please be aware that while our Internet Banking product is secure, the above E-mail link is not. To protect against identity theft, please do not send confidential information like account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc., over this link.

You may use the form below to send a message to CenterBank. Even though this form is secure, you may not want to send sensitive personal or financial information using this method. If you are sending private information please consider sending us a secure message from within online banking.

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