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Living life to the fullest is all part of Dreaming Big! Whether it’s getting a great education, building or buying a home, raising a family, or retiring with a solid nest egg, CenterBank can help you fulfill your dreams. It’s never too late to dream or plan, but getting started now is what’s important.


Kids and College

What’s important to remember is that education comes in many forms to include colleges and universities, vocational and technical schools, and on-the-job training programs. Helping your children or grandchildren get an education and being “College and Career Ready” is one of the greatest opportunities you can provide for their future. When you consider the cost of an education at many public colleges and universities today is in the range of $20,000 to $40,000 a year, starting early and building an education fund provides a great benefit to your student.

There are several ways you can save for an education. Click on these helpful links to get more information about saving and paying for college.

Buying A Home

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make during your lifetime.
Your home should be a place that meets your needs and is comfortable to you. Being able to afford the home you want lets you enjoy it more.

Here are some helpful tools you can use to determine the amount of monthly payment that will best meet your budget.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Loan Calculator Use this calculator to determine your monthly payment and amortization schedule.
Mortgage Qualifier Can you buy your dream home? Find out just how much you can afford!
Refinance Break Even Should you refinance your mortgage? Use this calculator to determine when you will break even!
Rent vs. Buy Are you better off buying your home, or should you continue to rent?

Retirement Planning

Working hard during your life should earn you the time you want to enjoy the people and things important to you. We all know it’s important to start saving early even though it can be difficult to “pay yourself first” when you’re raising a family, paying for a house, saving for education, life insurance and much more. There are a number of ways you can begin to grow and build toward the retirement you really picture for yourself and those important to you.

Here are some tools to help you evaluate your savings and retirement decisions.

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