Mobile Banking FAQs

Q:  What is CenterBank’s mobile banking service?
A:  CenterBank mobile service will give you instant connectivity to your accounts anytime, anywhere using the browser on your mobile device.  Our mobile service allows you to access account details, history and check account balances.   In addition, CenterBank mobile banking will allow you to make immediate internal transfers.

Q:  Will CenterBank’s mobile banking service work on all mobile devices?
A:  CenterBank mobile banking is a browser-based application that is available from any mobile device enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet access.  The streamlined Internet banking pages and functions are designed for mobile browser access.

Q:  How do I access the CenterBank’s mobile banking?
A:  You simply type in your mobile device’s Web browser to access our site.

Q:  Do I need to enroll for CenterBank’s mobile banking service?
A: CenterBank mobile banking requires no enrollment or applications to download.  Once you access through your mobile browser, you will be prompted to log in.  Use the same login and password you use to access your online account.

Q:  What accounts can I access with CenterBank’s mobile banking service?
A:  CenterBank mobile banking allows you to access any of your accounts available for access within Internet Banking.

Q:  How do I view my account information?
A:   Once you access the site,, you’ll see a listing of all your online accounts and their available balance, from which you can choose to view account information.  Simply click on the account you would like to access to view more information.

Q:  Can transfers be made using CenterBank’s mobile banking service?
A:   Immediate internal transfers can be made using the mobile service.  The transfers page will list all approved online transfer accounts.

Q:  Is CenterBank’s mobile banking service secure?
A:  All standard Internet Banking security features are applied at login, including dual authentication.

Q:  How much does CenterBank’s mobile banking cost?
A:   CenterBank does not charge for mobile banking service.  However, depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the Internet.  Please verify before accessing any Internet sites.

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