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Monthly Service Fee $15 $7 $0
Ways to Earn out of monthly service fee

$2,000 daily balance
$5,000 average monthly balance
$25,000 combined balance in checking, Savings and CD accounts

Reimburse $0.50/posted payroll or gov’t benefit direct deposit and $0.50/posted signature based debit card purchase per statement cycle up to $7

Interest Tiered N/A N/A
ATM Reimbursement $25 in Non-CenterBank ATM fees reimbursed per statement cycle $6 in Non-CenterBank ATM fees reimbursed per statement cycle N/A
Free Basic Checking Orders N/A
Online Banking N/A
Online BillPay N/A
Mobile Banking N/A
Account Alerts N/A
Electronic Statements Included Included
Paper Statements $2 $2

All CenterBank checking accounts have the following features:

*A minimum deposit of $50 is required to open all CenterBank checking accounts
Interest rates in interest-bearing checking accounts are based on current market conditions and may charge from time to time
Monthly fees and minimum balance requirements are subject to change
Other checking account fees apply